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Hurd Awning Part Identification Help & Information
Hurd Awning Part Identification Help & Information
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Product Description

Click on the picture above to enlarge. This will show you details for the Hurd Awning Window with replacement window part identification.

Hurd Awning Windows can be All Wood in-side and out or Aluminum Clad Exterior with Wood Interior.

Hurd Awning Window Vintage:

Hurd Energy Saver Line has been manufactured from: 09/17/2007 to Present

Hurd Classic Line was manufactured From 02/02/1998 - 9/17/2007

Old Style Line was Manufactured Prior to 02/02/1998.

Hurd H3 line - H3 GEN I was manufactured from 2009 - 3/16/2016. H3 GEN II From 3/16/2016 - Present. H3 Parts have their own section. Please click on "H3 Line Parts" tab on the left hand side of the page.

Each vintage of Hurd Awnings used different type of window hardware and parts that where the best available at the time. Some window parts can be upgrade with newer style replacement parts and will be noted in the description but others can not be upgraded.

If you do not know what vintage of Hurd Awning Window you have, that is not a problem. We include pictures of all the replacement window parts and window hardware which you can match up to your existing awning window part.