147 - Encore Operator-Dyad (9/19/05 to Present)

147 - Encore Operator-Dyad (9/19/05 to Present)
Item# 147
$45.00, 2/$78.00, 5/$175.00

Product Description

Oper Csmt Encore Dyad

In picture LEFT handing is shown

To determine what handing to order: Look at picture of part and match up your operator to our picture to determine if you need to order a Left or Right handing. Click on picture to enlarge.

Bulk Pricing For Operator Only:

QTY 1 $45.00 each

QTY 2 - 4 $39.00 each

QTY 5 + $35.00 each

Cover and handle part # 137 sold separately see accessories below to add to cart

Used on Hurd Casements - Glass Width: 11,15

Part Used From: 9/19/05 to Present

Other Colors Available: To see Truth finish colors please click on link to our truth finish page. Please note not all finishes shown are available in every truth part. Truth Finish Colors

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