852 - Hurd Handle Set 6" Center to Center Bore

852 - Hurd Handle Set 6" Center to Center Bore
Item# 852
$195.00, 2/$370.00
Color:  Keyed Alike 830:  This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description

Handle Set has been discontinued and limited supply is available please e-mail Star@RandRwindow.com to check QTY and Finish availability.

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Pricing varies depending on finish selected. Pricing is updated in cart once you select a finish and add to cart.

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QTY 1 - Pricing Starts at $195.00 each

QTY 2+ - Pricing Starts at $185.00 each

We are very excited to let you know that we have found a new style handle set that can replace the old Hurd handle set (that has been discontinued) with one simple modification. You will need to predrill one hole in door since screws on face plate are 1/2" closer than old handle set. The old screw hole will be covered up by the new face plate. That's it!

New style handle comes with a improved bushing kit, and is 6" center to center bore. Back Set latch, dead bolt and strike plates not included.

See picture above for color options (+##) means it adds that amount to the price of the handle set depending on finish.

Select Keyed Alike if you are ordering 2 or more handle sets and you want them to be keyed the same. This adds $25 per handle set. This may add 1-2 week lead time before order is shipped out. Keyed alike cylinders come in chrome only.

Instructions for installing:

Tools needed: level, drill, 5/16" drill bit, a nail or screw.

Hold the new faceplate on door and insert the bottom screw.

Using a level, level the faceplate where you want it.

Once leveled, put a nail or screw thru the top hole of the faceplate to put a dent in the wood. This will give you a mark where you need to drill the new hole.

Remove the faceplate, drill new hole where you marked it with a 5/16" drill bit

Attach the face plate by inserting the bottom screw and inserting top screw in the new hole you just made.