111 - Operator - Split Arm (1988 to 02-02-1998)

111 - Operator - Split Arm (1988 to 02-02-1998)
Item# 111
$50.00, 2/$80.00, 5/$175.00
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Product Description

111 - Operator - Split Arm (1988 to 02-02-1998)
Casement Split Arm Operator.

Sill Mounted Stright Link 4 3/4" Split Arm Casement Window Operator

Colors: Gold Tone or White - as of 10/13/17 the Ellipse Style Goldtone will be the NEW Goldtone color. Click on picture under product discription or see video below that show Old Goldtone Color Vs. New Goldtone Color.

Used on Hurd windows from 1988 to 02-02-1998. And has been used on multiple other window brands. This operator was frist produced by Wright Manufacturing # 07900 sometimes found on arm of operator. Then Wright went out of buisness and Truth started producing this same operator.

You can order the Truth Old Square Style OR the Ellipse Style which is less exspensive. Click on picture to enlarge and watch vido below for more details.

To determine what handing to order: Look at picture of part and match up your operator to our picture to determine if you need to order a Left or Right handing. Click on picture to enlarge.

Bulk Pricing

New Ellipse:

QTY 1 $50.00 each

QTY 2-4 $40.00 each

QTY 5+ $35.00 each

Old Square:

QTY 1 $85.00 ea each

QTY 2-4 $75.00 each

QTY 5 + $70.00 each

Known Part Numbers: 7702, 45251, 55081, 55100 with 07900 or 21550 on Link Known Brands: Wright, Truth, Amesbury Truth, Hurd, Weather Sheild, Cradco, BiltBest, Oldac

For instructions on how to replace a operator please click on our R&R Window Blog Link: R&R Window Blog

Note that in this video this is a new style window and parts have the SNAP RINGS on the Hinges and sash bracket. Older style windows and parts will have a sliver or black clip that moves to detach from the sash.